About Our Deli

This a little info about the meatless Deli.


If you're looking for an awesome vegan deli (faux) meat sandwich, this is the place to go!


I had gone to the Oprah's Life You Want Weekend, at the Prudential Center, and was looking to grab a quick bite during the lunch break and I just happened to stumble upon this place. I saw the sign for "Meatless Food" & "Vegetarian Sandwiches" and it felt like it was calling my name!

Due to the amount of people in the area, for the show, the line was ridiculously long, but the woman behind the counter (I wish I had gotten her name) was fantastic. She stayed calm, took everyone in groups and made sure that every one got exactly what they ordered - including fresh juices.


When I saw that they had veggie deli meats, I was super excited! I've been vegan for over 6 years and the extent of sandwich options that I've had, while eating out, consisted of mostly all veggies, eggplant or portobello mushrooms. Being able to eat a 'deli' sandwich, was a total treat! I got the combo (w/ smoked turkey & salami) with vegan mayo and "the works" - which I highly recommend. I also got one of the fresh juices to go along with it.


Come see us in person!